Rowing At The 2000 Summer Olympics - Medal Summary - Women's Events

Women's Events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Single sculls
Ekaterina Karsten
Belarus (BLR)
Rumyana Neykova
Bulgaria (BUL)
Katrin Rutschow-Stomporowski
Germany (GER)
Coxless pair
Romania (ROU)
Georgeta Damian
Doina Ignat
Australia (AUS)
Kate Slatter
Rachael Taylor
United States (USA)
Karen Kraft
Melissa Ryan
Double sculls
Germany (GER)
Kathrin Boron
Jana Thieme
Netherlands (NED)
Pieta van Dishoeck
Eeke van Nes
Lithuania (LTU)
Kristina Poplavskaja
Birutė Šakickienė
Lightweight double sculls
Romania (ROU)
Angela Alupei
Constanţa Burcică
Germany (GER)
Claudia Blasberg
Valerie Viehoff
United States (USA)
Christine Collins
Sarah Garner
Quadruple sculls
Germany (GER)
Meike Evers
Kerstin Kowalski
Manja Kowalski
Manuela Lutze
Great Britain (GBR)
Guin Batten
Miriam Batten
Katherine Grainger
Gillian Lindsay
Russia (RUS)
Oksana Dorodnova
Irina Fedotova
Yuliya Levina
Larisa Merk
Coxed eight
Romania (ROU)
Veronica Cochela
Georgeta Damian
Maria Magdalena Dumitrache
Liliana Gafencu
Elena Georgescu
Doina Ignat
Elisabeta Lipă
Ioana Olteanu
Viorica Susanu
Netherlands (NED)
Tessa Appeldoorn
Carin ter Beek
Pieta van Dishoeck
Elien Meijer
Eeke van Nes
Nelleke Penninx
Martijntje Quik
Anneke Venema
Marieke Westerhof
Canada (CAN)
Buffy Alexander
Laryssa Biesenthal
Heather Davis
Alison Korn
Theresa Luke
Heather McDermid
Emma Robinson
Lesley Thompson
Dorota Urbaniak

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