Rounding Errors

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Kahan Summation Algorithm - Accuracy
... A careful analysis of the errors in compensated summation is needed to appreciate its accuracy characteristics ... naive summation, it can still give large relative errors for ill-conditioned sums ... precision) With compensated summation, one instead obtains, where the error is bounded above by where ε is the machine precision of the arithmetic being employed (e.g ...
Euler Method - Rounding Errors
... The discussion up to now has ignored the consequences of rounding error ... In step n of the Euler method, the rounding error is roughly of the magnitude εyn where ε is the machine epsilon ... Assuming that the rounding errors are all of approximately the same size, the combined rounding error in N steps is roughly Nεy0 if all errors points in ...
Linear Least Squares (mathematics) - Further Discussion - Rounding Errors
... Matrix calculations, like any other, are affected by rounding errors ... An early summary of these effects, regarding the choice of computation methods for matrix inversion, was provided by Wilkinson ...

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    Truth has not single victories; all things are its organs,—not only dust and stones, but errors and lies.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The past absconds
    With our fortunes just as we were rounding a major
    Bend in the swollen river; not to see ahead
    Becomes the only predicament when what
    Might be sunken there is mentioned only
    In crabbed allusions but will be back tomorrow.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)