Rotation Rate

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Induction Motor - Operation
... In a synchronous motor, the rotor turns at the same rate as the stator field ... Since rotation at synchronous speed would result in no induced rotor current, an induction motor always operates slower than synchronous speed ... of the rotor drops below synchronous speed, the rotation rate of the magnetic field in the rotor increases, inducing more current in the windings and creating more torque ...
Stellar Rotation - Rotation Braking
... As the collapse continues, the rotation rate can increase to the point where the accreting protostar can break up due to centrifugal force at the equator ... Thus the rotation rate must be braked during the first 100,000 years to avoid this scenario ... wind carries away the angular momentum and slows down the rotation rate of the collapsing protostar ...
Inertial Wave - Characteristics
... the range of frequencies from zero to twice the rotation rate of the fluid ... Waves traveling perpendicular to the axis of rotation have zero frequency and are sometimes called the geostrophic modes ... parallel to the axis have maximum frequency (twice the rotation rate), and waves at intermediate angles have intermediate frequencies ...

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    Whoever thinks his friend more important than his country, I rate him nowhere.
    Sophocles (497–406/5 B.C.)

    The lazy manage to keep up with the earth’s rotation just as well as the industrious.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)