Rodia may refer to:

  • Rodia, Achaea, Greece
  • Relative Optical Density Image Analysis (RODIA)
  • Simon Rodia, Italian-American architect who created the Watts Towers in Los Angeles
  • Rodia, a fictional minor planet in the Star Wars universe

Other articles related to "rodia":

Thrella - Rodian
... Rodians are a species of green, antenna-sporting, bug-eyed humanoids from the planet Rodia ... The Hutt colonization of Rodia brought changes to the Rodian race ... This is because of their harsh jungle home world, Rodia, and the guerrilla style clan-warfare that they witness (or participate in) on an almost daily basis ...
List Of Star Wars Planets (R–S) - Rodia
... Rodia is the homeworld to the Rodians and the Rodians bounty hunter Greedo and Drexl Roosh from Star Wars The Force Unleashed ... Rodia was ruled by a dictatorial regime that was too controlling over the populous and refused to be part of the Old Republic ... Around 1 BBY, the Gladiators of Rodia raided cities, and fought for control of the planet ...
List Of Star Wars Systems - R - Rodia
... The Rodia system is situated in the Outer Rim ... The Rodia system returns in the video game Star Wars The Clone Wars - Jedi Alliance, and the same environments are seen as during the Clone Wars episode ...
Watts Towers - After Rodia
... The property changed hands, Rodia's bungalow inside the enclosure was burned down, and the city of Los Angeles condemned the structure and ordered it razed ... formed the Committee for Simon Rodia's Towers in Watts ... It is now designated the Watts Towers of Simon Rodia State Historic Park ...