Robeson may refer to:


  • Eslanda Goode Robeson (1896-1965), wife and business manager of singer Paul Robeson
  • George M. Robeson (1829-1897), American politician and lawyer
  • Kenneth Robeson, house name used by Street and Smith Publications
  • Paul Robeson (1898-1976), American entertainer and activist
  • Paul Robeson, Jr. (born 1927), his son, an author, archivist and historian


  • Robeson Channel
  • Robeson County, North Carolina
  • Robeson Township, Pennsylvania

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Political Views Of Paul Robeson - Silence On Stalin
... Robeson is on record numerous times as stating that he felt the existence of a major socialist power like the USSR was a bulwark against Western European capitalist domination of Africa, Asia ... to Joshua Rubenstein's book, Stalin's Secret Pogrom, Robeson also justified his silence on the grounds that any public criticism of the USSR would reinforce the ... A large number of Robeson biographers, including Martin Duberman, Philip S Foner, Marie Seton, Paul Robeson Jr and Lloyd Brown also concur with Robeson's own words, that he felt that ...
My Song Goes Forth - Paul Robeson's Rewritten Narration and Singing
... Hired by the director Joseph Best, Robeson worked carefully to revise the film's prologue and in the final version says, "Every foot of Africa is now parceled out among the ... He did keep Robeson's narration but removed parts of it to seem less controversial and more mainstream." Robeson also sings a pro-African liberation song ...
Spoken Word Album - Early Beginnings
... (and never filmed) 1943 Broadway production of Othello, starring Paul Robeson, José Ferrer, and Uta Hagen, on an eighteen-record 78-RPM set running a total of two hours and eight minutes ... of listeners who otherwise were unable to attend a theatrical performance a chance to hear Robeson as Othello and Ferrer as Iago ... Sales of the album, however, were affected after Robeson was blacklisted by the U.S ...
Political Views Of Paul Robeson
... Entertainer and activist, Paul Robeson's political philosophies and outspoken views about domestic and international Communist countries and movements were the subject of ... Robeson was never officially identified as a member of the Communist party, domestically or internationally ... Robeson's beliefs in socialism, his ties to the CPUSA and leftist trade unions along with his experiences in the USSR, continue to cause controversy among historians and scholars as ...