Robert Morgan

Robert Morgan may refer to:

  • Robert Morgan (actor), Australian actor
  • Robert Morgan (bishop) (1608–1673), bishop of Bangor
  • Robert Morgan (British politician) (1880–1960), British Conservative Party politician
  • Robert Morgan (poet) (born 1944), American poet, short story writer and novelist
  • Robert Burren Morgan (born 1925), U.S. Senator from North Carolina
  • Robert C. Morgan, arts critic
  • Robert Clark Morgan (1798–1864), sailor
  • Robert Dale Morgan (1912–2002), U.S. federal judge
  • Robert K. Morgan (1918–2004), decorated U.S. Air Force colonel and pilot, commander of Memphis Belle
  • Robert Lewis Morgan (born 1952), member of the New Jersey General Assembly (2004–2006)
  • Robert W. Morgan (1937–1998), American disc jockey and Radio Hall of Famer
  • Bob Morgan (American football) (1930–1991), American football player
  • Bob Morgan (diver) (born 1967), Welsh diver and four-time Olympian
  • Bobby Morgan (baseball) (born 1926), baseball player
  • Bobby Morgan (Canadian football) (born 1940)
  • Rob Morgan, lead vocalist of The Squirrels
  • Robert Craig-Morgan (born 1964), British actor
  • Robert Huw Morgan (born 1967), Welsh-born musician
  • Robert Morgan (filmmaker), British independent director, writer and animator

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