Robert Kocharyan - Career Timeline and Events During His Presidency

Career Timeline and Events During His Presidency

  • 1972–1974 – served in the Soviet Army
  • 1975–1976 – labor activities in different enterprises in Stepanakert and Moscow
  • 1977–1982 – electrical engineering faculty of Yerevan State Polytechnic Institute. Diploma with excellence.
  • 1980–1981 – worked as a mechanical engineer at the electrical engineering plant in Stepanakert
  • 1981–1985 – worked at different positions at Municipal committee in Stepanakert town committee of the Komsomol Union, including the post of assistant secretary
  • 1986 – instructor of town committee of Stepanakert Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
  • 1987–1989 – head of Karabakh Soviet party organization of the silk factory
  • 19 February 1988 – leader of the Artsakh movement, which fought for secession from the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic and for later union with Armenia; member of group Krunk; led the Miatsum organization
  • 1989–1995 – twice elected as a deputy of Supreme Council of Republic of Armenia, and member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet
  • 1991–1992 deputy of the Supreme Union of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic in its first convocation

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