Robert Irwin (real Estate)

Robert Irwin (fl. late 20th century) has been a licensed real estate broker for 35 years and prolific real estate writer. Among his publications are the Tips and Traps series of books, which have sold over one million copies. Irwin's writings cover virtually every facet of real estate and have been used for three decades by buyers, sellers, and beginning investors.

Irwin began his real estate career buying and selling property in the San Francisco Bay Area His first book on the subject was published in 1975; How to Buy and Sell Real Estate for financial security and it proved to be a best seller.

In addition to his numerous books, Irwin has written for several real estate publications including The Wall Street Journal's Real Estate Journal and He is frequently billed as "America's #1 Real Estate Expert," and has appeared on a number of radio and television broadcasts.