Rival Poet

The Rival Poet is one of several 'characters,' either fictional or real persons, featured in William Shakespeare's sonnets. The sonnets most commonly identified as the Rival Poet group exist within the Fair Youth group in sonnets 78-86. Several theories about these characters, the Rival Poet included, have been expounded, and scholarly debate continues to put forward both conflicting and compelling arguments. In the context of these theories, the speaker of the poem sees the Rival Poet as a competitor for fame, wealth and patronage.

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The Dark Lady in Sonnet 144
... lady being Elizabeth Vernon, and the Rival Poet to be Drayton ... dating the sonnets from 1598 to 1603, the dark lady being Mary Fitton, and the Rival Poet being Chapman ... are in no chronological order, and he had no idea who the rival poet was ...
Rival Poet - Possible Candidates - Multiple Poets
... It has also been suggested that the Rival Poet is an amalgam of several of Shakespeare’s contemporaries instead of a single person ... between singular and plural addresses of the rival(s) in the sonnet sequence ... In Sonnet 78 the Speaker refers to other poets who have gained inspiration from the Fair Youth but in 79 the Speaker is only concerned with one “he,” a potentially “worthier pen ...
Sonnet 78 - Rival Poet
... Main article Rival Poet "Shakespeare’s sonnets 78-86 concern the Speaker’s rivalry with other poets and especially with one ‘better spirit’ who is ‘learned’ and ‘p ... In Sonnet 78 we find out about a rival who is male and a poet and whose entry initiates an episode of jealousy that comes to a close in only Sonnet 86 These sonnets are considered to be the Rival Poet ... The rival poet sonnets include three primary players the fair youth, the rival poet, and the lady who is desired by both men ...
Oxfordian Theory Of Shakespeare Authorship - Parallels With The Sonnets and Poems - The Fair Youth, The Dark Lady, and The Rival Poet
... three characters the Fair Youth, the Dark Lady or Mistress, and the Rival Poet ... Moore that the Rival Poet was Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex ... tone of the poems is that of a nobleman addressing an equal rather than that of a poet addressing his patron ...

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