Riser may refer to:

  • Riser (casting), a reservoir in a manufacturing mold
  • Stair riser, the vertical elements in a set of stairs
  • Drilling riser, a device used on a ship or offshore drilling rig
  • Neil Riser, a member of the Louisiana State Senate (United States)
  • Riser card, a printed circuit board which extends connectors away from another board
  • Early riser, a person who wakes up early in the day
  • Parachute riser, strip of webbing joining the harness to the rigging lines
  • Riser, a skateboard component which increases the space between the wheels and the deck
  • Riser cable, a type of communications cable; contrast with plenum cable

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... Audience risers may be configured to hold convention seating, theater seating, classroom table seating or dinner table seating ... rectangular in overall shape, audience risers may include angled or curved sections as space allows ... Audience Riser Theater Riser Dinner Riser Classroom Riser ...
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... A riser is a variation of the flat bar in which the outer sections of the bars rise from the center clamp area by about 15 to 50 mm ... Both flat and riser bars may be appended with bar ends, providing more hand positions ...
Riser Clamp
... A Riser clamp is a device used by mechanical building trades to support vertical runs of piping at each floor level ... The friction between the pipe and riser transfers the weight of the pipe through the riser to the building structure ... Risers are generally located at floor penetrations, particularly for continuous floor slabs such as concrete ...