Rift Zone

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Axial Seamount - Geology - Structure
... Close up of the northern rift zone ... Axial Seamount has two major volcanic rifts extending approximately 50 km (31 mi) north and south of its main summit, as well as several much smaller, ill-defined ones ... The area is offset by the two rift zones and defined on three sides by boundary faults up to 150 m (492 ft) deep ...
Kohala (mountain) - Hydrology
... summit the volcano's northwest-southeast trending rift zone separates rainfall into two streams, going southeast, into Waipiʻo Valley, or northwest, into Honokane Nui Valley ... as dikes, forced their way out of the magma reservoir and intruded into the rift zone, which was weakened by the collapse ... forced their way up, they formed fractures and faults parallel to the rift zone ...
Kīlauea - Eruptive History - 1790 To 1934
... eruptions at the volcano's relatively southwestern rift zone, and 24 along its more active eastern rift zone, mostly along its upper section ... eruption since the 1790 event occurred in 1840, when its eastern rift zone became the site a large, effusive Hawaiian eruption over 35 km (22 mi) of its length, unusually long ... The eruption also featured concurrent rift activity and a large amount of lava fountaining ...

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