Riesz Representation Theorem

There are several well-known theorems in functional analysis known as the Riesz representation theorem. They are named in honour of Frigyes Riesz.

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Riesz Representation Theorem - The Representation Theorem For The Dual of C0(X)
... The following theorem, also referred to as the Riesz-Markov theorem, gives a concrete realisation of the dual space of C0(X), the set of continuous functions on X which vanish at infinity ... The Borel sets in the statement of the theorem also refers to the σ-algebra generated by the open sets ... Theorem ...
Hilbert Space - Properties - Duality
... The Riesz representation theorem affords a convenient description of the dual ... The Riesz representation theorem states that this mapping is an antilinear isomorphism ... The Riesz representation theorem relies fundamentally not just on the presence of an inner product, but also on the completeness of the space ...

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