Rhotic Varieties

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Linking And Intrusive R - Non-rhotic Varieties
... By definition, non-rhotic varieties of English only pronounce /r/ when it immediately precedes a vowel ... For example, in non-rhotic varieties of English, the sound /r/ does not occur in a word such as tuner when it is spoken in isolation, before an intonation ... spelled with an ⟨r⟩ (which reflects that an /r/ was pronounced in the past), non-rhotic accents do not pronounce an /r/ when there is no vowel sound to ...
English Phonology - Phonotactics - Syllable Structure - Coda
... The single consonant phonemes except /h/, /w/, /j/ and, in non-rhotic varieties, /r/ Lateral approximant plus stop or affricate /lp/, /lb/, /lt/, /ld/, /ltʃ/, /ldʒ/, /lk/ help, bulb ...
New York Latino English
... Pronunciation is predominantly non-rhotic ... The vernacular tends to be non-rhotic, and cultivated forms rhotic, as in AAVE and some European American varieties ... including non-Latino ones, may use NYLE features or other features of other Latino English varieties ...

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