Reversal may refer to:

  • In law, reversal refers to the setting aside of a decision of a lower court by a higher court
  • In drama, "reversal" refers to Aristotle's concept of Peripeteia
  • Reversal film, a type of photographic film also known as slide or transparency film
  • The Reversal, a novel by Michael Connelly
  • Reversal of polarity
  • Sweep (martial arts) in grappling, also known as a reversal
  • Reversal (film), a movie about wrestling
  • Reversal, an options-trading strategy, see Options arbitrage#Reversal

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Magnetization Reversal
... Magnetization reversal, or switching, represents the process that leads to a 180° reorientation of the magnetization vector with respect to its ... few possible ways to reverse the magnetization of a metallic magnet magnetization reversal in an applied magnetic field magnetization reversal by spin injection magnetization reversal by circularly ...
Chromostereopsis - Reversal Effect
... majority of people will view red as “floating” in front of blue, others experience a reversal of the effect in which they see blue floating in front of the red, or no depth effect at all ... While this reversal may appear to discredit chromostereopsis, it does not and instead, as originally proposed by Einthoven, can be explained by an increase in the effect and subsequent reversal via blocking of the ... chromostereopsis offers one explanation of the reversal of the effect in different people given the same visual cues ...
List Of Motion Picture Film Stocks - Fuji - Reversal (1980s)
... 8427 (16 mm) Fujicolor RT 125T (reversal) 8428 (16 mm) Fujicolor RT 500T (reversal) ...

Famous quotes containing the word reversal:

    Perversity depends on reversal and substitution.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)