Restricted Firearms

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Possession And Acquisition Licence - History
1995 as part of Bill C-68 as a replacement for the FAC (Firearms Acquisition Certificate) system ... Whereas the FAC was only required to acquire a firearm, a PAL is required to both acquire and possess firearms and to acquire ammunition ... A PAL for non-restricted firearms allows its holders to acquire and possess any non-restricted firearm, while a PAL for restricted firearms (which also covers prohibited firearms to those ...
Colt AR-15 - Legal Status of Civilian Ownership - Canada
... The Government of Canada classifies the AR-15 (and its variants) as a restricted firearm ... must obtain a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) valid for restricted firearms and then each acquisition of a restricted class firearm is subject to ... been intended to be classified as a prohibited firearm, making it all but impossible to privately own one ...

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