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List Of Members Of The Canadian House Of Commons (M)
... There is a known problem with names beginning with Mac or Mc - all have been rendered here as (for example) Macdonald when it should possibly be rendered MacDonald ... family tradition dictates how these names should be rendered, and this should be respected ...
Larchill - Features - Follies
... commenced between 1800 and 1820, with six rendered columns in a hexagonal plan, stone seats, and a rubble stone dome ... The temple is flanked by rendered walls with circular terminating piers ... It has corner towers and turrets, rendered walls with castellations, and openings with pointed arches and gun loops ...
Mohanam - Popular Compositions
... Mohanam tavavapurai by Swathi Thirunal Malargal Nanaindhana Paniyale by K V Mahadevan rendered by P Susheela Ninnukkori Varnam by Ilayaraaja rendered by K S Chithra ...
Shree Ranjani - Popular Compositions
... Sivan Srinivasa Enna Bittu by Purandaradasa Nadhamennum Kovilile by M S Viswanathan rendered by Vani Jayaram Pagalile Oru Nilavinai Kanden by Ilayaraaja rendered by S ... Janaki Mukshika Vahanane by Manachanallur Giridharan rendered by Harini ...
Advanced European Theater Of Operations - Maps
... resource hexes’, more cities, rivers, lakes, islands and so forth, and completely re-rendered mountain ranges (to be more geographically accurate.) The ... to whom Harvey credits the idea for the re-rendered mountain ranges ...

Famous quotes containing the word rendered:

    Conventionalities are at length as bad as impurities. Even the facts of science may dust the mind by their dryness, unless they are in a sense effaced each morning, or rather rendered fertile by the dews of fresh and living truth.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The most important service rendered by the press and the magazines is that of educating people to approach printed matter with distrust.
    Samuel Butler (1835–1902)

    Discipline must come through liberty.... We do not consider an individual disciplined only when he has been rendered as artificially silent as a mute and as immovable as a paralytic. He is an individual annihilated, not disciplined.
    Maria Montessori (1870–1952)