Some articles on removes, remove:

Squigs - Description
... Randomly (based on level) special blocks appear metal blocks can only be exploded, dynamite removes a column, bomb removes left and right of the location dropped, electric removes the row ...
Microfabrication - Cleanliness in Wafer Fabrication
... RCA-1 clean in ammonia-peroxide solution removes organic contamination and particles RCA-2 cleaning in hydrogen chloride-peroxide mixture removes metallic impurities ... Piranha) removes organics ... Hydrogen fluoride removes native oxide from silicon surface ...
Torment (Magic: The Gathering) - Mechanics
... Nightmares - black and red creatures that remove something of the opponent's from the game when they come into play and return it when they leave play ... For example, Faceless Butcher removes a creature, Hypnox removes their hand, Petravark removes a land, and Soul Scourge removes 3 life ...
A Rose Chan Show
... As she removes one piece of clothing after another, the tempo gradually picks up ... Next, she removes her brassiere, and dances bare-breasted ... The crowd goes hysterical, and eventually, she removes her panties, and dances and sways to the beat ...
C-41 Process - Process
... After the developer, a bleach removes the metallic silver generated by development ... After the bleach, a fixer removes the unexposed undeveloped silver halide ... the process that use a combined bleach-fix that dissolves the silver generated by development and removes undeveloped silver halide ...

Famous quotes containing the word removes:

    One merit in Carlyle, let the subject be what it may, is the freedom of prospect he allows, the entire absence of cant and dogma. He removes many cartloads of rubbish, and leaves open a broad highway. His writings are all unfenced on the side of the future and the possible. Though he does but inadvertently direct our eyes to the open heavens, nevertheless he lets us wander broadly underneath, and shows them to us reflected in innumerable pools and lakes.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Chance gives rise to thoughts, and chance removes them; no art can keep or acquire them.
    Blaise Pascal (1623–1662)