Religious Experiences

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Bethany Veney - Religious Experiences
... After some time with Lucy Fletcher and David Kibler, Bethany made her first visit to a church ... Though Master Kibler's brother became a Christian and started a meeting for people in the area, Kibler did not want Veney attending church, and sent her away to allow her new-found religious fervor to abate ...
Argument From Religious Experience - Outline Logical Structure - Suggested Reasons For Disputing The Premise
... There is little doubt that some reports of religious experience have naturalistic and/or psychological explanations and are thus mistaken ... Religious texts such as the bible that speak of revelations are of disputable historical accuracy ... It is conceivable that some claimed religious experiences are lies, possibly done for attention or acceptance ...
Philip K. Dick - Career - Religious Experiences
... Dick wrote about the experiences, first in the semi-autobiographical novel Radio Free Albemuth and then in VALIS, The Divine Invasion and the unfinished The Owl in ... Dick documented and discussed his experiences and faith in a private journal, later published as The Exegesis of Philip K ...

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    In the progress of politics, as in the common occurrences of life, we are not only apt to forget the ground we have travelled over, but frequently neglect to gather up experiences as we go.
    Thomas Paine (1737–1809)

    Good religious men, with the love of men in their hearts, and the means to pay their toll in their pockets.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)