Reform League

The Reform League was established in 1865 to press for manhood suffrage and the ballot in Great Britain. It collaborated with the more moderate and middle class Reform Union and gave strong support to the abortive Reform Bill 1866 and the successful Reform Act 1867. It developed into a formidable force of agitation at the very heart of the country.

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Ballarat Reform League - Timeline
... At this meeting the "Ballarat Reform League" was created, under the chairmanship of Chartist John Basson Humffray and Peter Lalor as secretary ... Several other Reform League leaders including Thomas Kennedy and Henry Holyoake had been involved with the Chartist movement in England ... The Ballarat Reform League used the British Chartist movement's 1853 "Karl Marx" manifesto principles to set their goals ...
Edmonton Municipal Election, 1935 - Results - Aldermen
... Walter Clevely 7,410 Social Credit Charles Gould 7,378 Tax Reform League Athelstan Bissett 7,095 Labour Harry Ainlay 6,848 Tax Reform League Ernest Edward Howard 6,717 ...
Reform League - The End of The League
... The Reform League's campaigning culminated in the passing of the Reform Act 1867 which gave the vote to representatives of working class men for the first time ... Despite a Reform Bill being on the Statute Book by mid-August, the League's leaders resolved that the organisation needed to be kept going to watch over the ... They received support from John Bright, who hoped the League would be spurred on by its success and would continue to campaign for the ballot ...
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... of colonies, including Celestial Being's Krung Thep and the Human Reform League's Quanqiu ... maintains a colony, and the AEU, while lagging behind in colony development, is financing both the Reform League and the Union in their respective development projects ... responsible for the system's construction and operation—the Union, the Human Reform League, and the AEU—have imposed a global boycott of fossil fuels so to better monopolize the energy ...
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... The outcome was the formation of the Political Reform League (or Union) with a programme of manhood suffrage the ballot triennial parliaments equal electoral districts abolish property qualifications The league ... the radical movements of the Chartist period and the Reform League of the eighteen sixties ... says that "as much as anyone in these early years of the revival of the political reform movement, Benjamin helped to impress upon the craft unions the ...

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    Let us reform our schools, and we shall find little reform needed in our prisons.
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