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ICMP Redirect Message
... The ICMP type 5 contains a redirect message to send data packets on an alternative route ... ICMP Redirect is a mechanism for routers to convey routing information to hosts ... The Redirect Message is an ICMP message which informs a host to update its routing information (to send packets on an alternate route) ...

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    Television does not dominate or insist, as movies do. It is not sensational, but taken for granted. Insistence would destroy it, for its message is so dire that it relies on being the background drone that counters silence. For most of us, it is something turned on and off as we would the light. It is a service, not a luxury or a thing of choice.
    David Thomson, U.S. film historian. America in the Dark: The Impact of Hollywood Films on American Culture, ch. 8, William Morrow (1977)