Red Special

The Red Special is an electric guitar owned by Queen guitarist Brian May and custom-built by May and his father. The Red Special is also sometimes named in reviews as the Fireplace or the Old Lady, both nicknames used by May when referring to the guitar. A guitar that would define May's signature style, the Red Special was purposely designed to feed back. May has used it on Queen albums and in live performances since the late 1960s. The name Red Special came from the reddish-brown colour the guitar attained after being stained and painted with numerous layers of Rustins' plastic coating. The name Fireplace is a reference to the fact that the wood used to make the neck came from a fireplace mantel.

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Dr. May - Musician - Equipment
... guitar work live and in the studio was done on the Red Special, which he built with his father during his teenage years ... which makes guitars whose design is modelled after the original Red Special guitar ... Same two guitars as before, plus a natural finish John Birch replica of the Red Special ...
Dr. May - Musician
... and I really, really love his guitar work." May has used a range of guitars, most often the "Red Special", which he designed when he was only 16 years old ... During the time in which Brian May and his father were building the Red Special, May also produced plans to build a second guitar ... However, so successful was the Red Special, that May simply had no need to build another guitar ...
John Birch (luthier) - Customers
... Iommi's red Gibson SG Special received some modification in the form of a re-covered Gibson P-90 in the bridge position and John Birch's own Superflux in the neck position ... In 1975, Birch built Iommi his black 24-fret, cross inlay SG Special ... Brian wanted a copy of his Red Special to use as a backup guitar, so he asked John to make him what would come to be referred to as the "Yellow Special." This is the ...
Red Special - Specifications
... mm Depth at 12th fret 27 mm Though utilizing a 24-fret fingerboard, the scale length of the Red Special is a short 24" (609.6 mm) compared to the Gibson standard of 24.75" (628.65 mm) and ...
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