Red Sandstone

Red sandstone may refer to:

  • Sandstone appearing red due to the inclusion of iron oxides (hematite)
  • Old Red Sandstone
  • New Red Sandstone
  • Ardjachie Stone
  • Aizkorri ("red stone"), Basque Mountains massif

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Bakersfield (Amtrak Station) - Architecture
... primary emphasis on glass, dark grey steel, and red Indian sandstone ... Because of the rough cut of the sandstone, it appears to change color as the sun tracks through the sky ... Colonnades of red sandstone flank both sides of waiting room, and extend along its entire length, protruding outside the west entrance ...
Lissendorf - Culture and Sightseeing - Buildings
... Revival aisleless church, 1886-1887, sandstone Gothic Revival memorial cross, latter half of 19th century ... Bahnhofstraße/corner of Wiesentalstraße – red sandstone Crucifixion Bildstock apparently possibly from 1613 ... Friedhofstraße, graveyard – Gothic Revival red sandstone graveyard cross from 1876 ...
Seneca Quarry
... Canal) on the Virginia side of Great Falls and the C O Canal, having supplied red sandstone for the latter for locks 9, 11, 15 - 27, and 30, the accompanying ... Seneca red sandstone, also known as redstone, formed during the late Triassic age, 230 to 210 million years ago ... Iron oxide gives the sandstone its rust color ...
Geology Of Scotland - Chronology - Paleozoic Era - Devonian Period
... The Scottish landmass now formed part of the Old Red Sandstone Continent and lay some 25 degrees south of the equator, moving slowly north during this ... The accumulations of Old Red Sandstone laid down from 408 to 370 million years ago were created as earlier Silurian rocks, uplifted by the formation of Pangaea, eroded and were deposited into a ... As a result, the Old Red Sandstone is an important source of fish fossils and it was the object of intense geological studies in the 19th century ...

Famous quotes containing the words sandstone and/or red:

    But the lightning which explodes and fashions planets, maker of planets and suns, is in him. On one side elemental order, sandstone and granite, rock-ledges, peat-bog, forest, sea and shore; and on the other part, thought, the spirit which composes and decomposes nature,—here they are, side by side, god and devil, mind and matter, king and conspirator, belt and spasm, riding peacefully together in the eye and brain of every man.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    To motorists bound to or from the Jersey shore, Perth Amboy consists of five traffic lights that sometimes tie up week-end traffic for miles. While cars creep along or come to a prolonged halt, drivers lean out to discuss with each other this red menace to freedom of the road.
    —For the State of New Jersey, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)