Red Green

Red green may refer to:

In politics:

  • Eco-socialism, an ideology merging aspects of Marxism, socialism, green politics, ecology and alter-globalization
  • Red-green alliance, an alliance of "red" social democratic or democratic socialist parties with "green" environmentalist parties
  • Red-Green Alliance (Denmark), a Revolutionary socialist political party in Denmark
  • Red-Green Coalition, a centre-left coalition of Norwegian parties
  • Red-Greens (Sweden), a cooperation of red-green political parties in Sweden

In entertainment:

  • Red Green (ice hockey) (1899—1966), Canadian professional ice hockey left winger
  • The Red Green Show (1991—2006), a Canadian television comedy

In science:

  • Red-green color blindness, the inability to perceive differences between some of the colors that others can distinguish
  • RG color space, a color space that uses only two colors, red and green

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Famous quotes containing the words green and/or red:

    Pike, three inches long, perfect
    Pike in all parts, green tigering the gold.
    Killers from the egg: the malevolent aged grin.
    They dance on the surface among the flies.
    Ted Hughes (b. 1930)

    Here thou art painted in the dress
    Of an inhuman murderess;
    Examining upon our hearts
    Thy fertile shop of cruel arts:
    Engines more keen than ever yet
    Adorned tyrant’s cabinet,
    Of which the most tormenting are
    Black eyes, red lips, and curled hair.
    Andrew Marvell (1621–1678)