Rectified Cubic Honeycomb

The rectified cubic honeycomb is a uniform space-filling tessellation (or honeycomb) in Euclidean 3-space. It is composed of octahedra and cuboctahedra in a ratio of 1:1.



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Cubic - Organizations
... Cubic Corporation, parent company of Cubic Defense Applications and Cubic Transportation Systems Cubic, Inc ...
Cubic Honeycomb
... The cubic honeycomb is the only regular space-filling tessellation (or honeycomb) in Euclidean 3-space, made up of cubic cells ... is part of a multidimensional family of hypercube honeycombs, with Schläfli symbols of the form {4,3...3,4}, starting with the square tiling, {4,4} in the plane ... It is one of 28 uniform honeycombs using convex uniform polyhedral cells ...
24-cell Honeycomb - Cross-sections
... Applying this technique to the 24-cell honeycomb gives rise to various 3-dimensional honeycombs with varying degrees of regularity ... Vertex-first sections Rhombic dodecahedral honeycomb Cubic honeycomb Cell-first sections Rectified cubic honeycomb Bitruncated cubic honeycomb A vertex-first cross-section is one orthogonal to a line ... of {3,4,3,3} by one of these hyperplanes gives a rhombic dodecahedral honeycomb ...
Tricalcium Aluminate - Properties
... The pure form is cubic, with unit cell dimension 1.5263 nm and has density 3064 kg·m-3 ... The impure form has at least four polymorphs Alkali % m/m Designation Crystal 0-1.0 CI Cubic 1.0-2.4 CII Cubic 3.7-4.6 O Orthorhombic 4.6-5.7 M Monoclinic Typical chemical compositions are Oxide Mass % Cubic Mass ...
Rectified Cubic Honeycomb - Symmetry
... There are four uniform colorings for the cells of this honeycomb with reflective symmetry, listed by their Coxeter group, and Wythoff construction name, and the Coxeter-Dynkin diagram below ... Symmetry , = , =1 , =2 ], Space group Pm3m Fm3m Fm3m ? Name Rectified cubic Rectified alternate cubic Cantellated alternate cubic Birectified quarter cubic Coloring Coxeter diagram Vertex figure Vertex ...

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