Recs of The Flesh

recs of the flesh is a noise rock band from Sardinia. The band consists of Massimo Usai (electric guitar/vocals), Sara Melis (keyboards), Petr Studihrad (drums) and Federico Loche (bass guitar).

The band started out as a solo project in 2004, when Massimo Usai sought an outlet for his vision-driven high temperature fever, inspired by William S. Burroughs' novel The Soft Machine. Their sound has been compared to bands such as Sonic Youth, Killing Joke, Queens Of The Stone Age and Placebo in reviews . All band members met on the internet, with the notable exception of Massimo and Sara, who met while Usai was working as a sound tech at a drag queen show in summer 2006. Xavier was found drumming on his YouTube channel while Justin and Massimo met at the official Sonic Youth Gossip Boards.

In 2010, Massimo and Sara moved to Prague, where Usai was granted access to Faust Records studios for an internship. The duo encountered drummer Petr Studihrad as he was recording for local punk legends Visací zámek. Highly impressed by his skills, Usai asked Studihrad to perform on recs of the flesh's new album. After listening to some rough demos, Studihrad agreed and joined the band. Bass player Federico Loche was asked to join the line-up shortly before the sessions for the sophomore album were completed.

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