Recognition of Same-sex Unions in China

Recognition Of Same-sex Unions In China

Performed in some jurisdictions

Mexico: Mexico City, ROO
United States: CT, DC, IA, MA, MD†, ME†, NH, NY, VT, WA†, Coquille, Suquamish

Recognized, not performed

Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten
Mexico: all states
United States: CA, RI

Civil unions and
registered partnerships

Czech Republic

Isle of Man
New Zealand
United Kingdom

Performed in some jurisdictions

Australia: ACT, NSW, QLD, TAS, VIC
Mexico: COA
United States: CA, CO, DE, HI, IL, NJ, NV, OR, RI, WI
Venezuela: Mérida

Unregistered cohabitation



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†Note: Law not yet in effect LGBT portal

China recognizes neither same-sex marriage nor civil unions. A poll conducted in 2009 showed that over 30% of the Beijing population supports same-sex marriage, while the rest were unsure or opposed. A poll conducted in 2007 found that 30% of the Shanghai population supports same-sex marriage.

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Recognition Of Same-sex Unions In China - Hong Kong
... Kong was not part of the People's Republic of China before 1997 ... administrative region of the People's Republic of China and has its own laws and legal system ... been put in place to allow same sex marriage nor to formally recognise same-sex unions, however a lawsuit is being carried out as to whether post-operation transsexuals can get married ...

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