Receptive Fields

Some articles on receptive fields, receptive field:

Multimodal Integration - Neural Mechanisms - Cortical Areas
2004) showed that receptive fields and thus the function of cortical structures, as one proceeds out from V1 along the visual pathways, become increasingly complex and specialized ... from the temporal lobe is largely concerned with processing spatial information, and contains receptive fields that are topographically organized ... directly to neurons governing corresponding receptive fields in V1 ...
Merkel Nerve Ending - Receptive Fields
... A mechanoreceptor's receptive field is the area within which a stimulus can excite the cell ... in two separate points within a single receptive field, the person will be unable to feel the two separate points ... If the two points touched span more than a single receptive field then both will be felt ...
Receptive Field - Visual System
... In the visual system, receptive fields are volumes in visual space ... For example, the receptive field of a single photoreceptor is a cone-shaped volume comprising all the visual directions in which light will alter the firing ... Traditionally, visual receptive fields were portrayed in two dimensions (e.g ...
Sensation (psychology) - Senses and Receptors - Mechanoreceptors
... four categories Slowly Adapting type 1 Receptors have small receptive fields and respond to static stimulation ... Slowly Adapting type 2 Receptors have large receptive fields and respond to stretch ... Rapidly Adapting Receptors have small receptive fields and underlie the perception of slip ...

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