Rebound Insomnia

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Rebound Effect - Examples - Sedative Hypnotics
... Rebound anxiety Several anxiolytics and hypnotics have a rebound effect For example, benzodiazepine withdrawal can cause severe anxiety and insomnia worse than the original ... patients who discontinue benzodiazepine experience a rebound effect ... Rebound withdrawal can be a factor in chronic use of medications and drug dependence with patients taking the medications only to ward off withdrawal or rebound withdrawal ...
Zopiclone - Tolerance, Dependence and Withdrawal
... sweats, flushes, palpitations, derealisation, and further insomnia ... It found that discontinuation of zopiclone caused significant rebound insomnia ... taken for 7 nights was discontinued no rebound insomnia occurred suggesting that zopiclone may have even more significant problems of tolerance and dependence than the benzodiazepines ...

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    It is odd but agitation or contest of any kind gives a rebound to my spirits and sets me up for a time.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)