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Motorcycle Stunt Riding - Common Stunts - Wheelies
... The motorcycle is pulled so far back beyond the balance point of the wheel that the rider must constantly ride the rear brake to keep his machine from falling over backwards, causing him to slow down ... in which momentum is used to lean forward, lifting the rear wheel while continuing to move forward at a high speed — this is called a "nose wheelie" ... Stoppie — Lifting the rear wheel of the motorcycle using momentum and braking force ...
Motorcycle Components - Final Drive
... Power transfer from the gearbox to the rear wheel is accomplished by different methods ... Chains do deteriorate, and excessive wear on the front and rear sprockets can be dangerous ... In a chain drive the power is transmitted into the real wheel via a cush drive ...
SH-AWD - Development
... SH-AWD system is combination of the Honda VTM-4 automatic all-wheel-drive system and the ATTS variable torque distribution system ... introduced the Variable Torque Management 4WD (VTM-4) automatic all-wheel-drive system in late 2000 on the 2001 model year Acura MDX sport utility vehicle (SUV) and later on the 2002 Honda Pilot SUV ... The ATTS equipped front-wheel drive Honda Prelude was labeled Type SH - for "Super Handling" ...
Fixed-gear Bicycle - Conversion
... One method is to simply replace the rear wheel with a wheel that has a track/fixed hub ... Therefore it is recommended to have both front and rear brakes on a fixed-gear bicycle using a converted freewheel hub in case the cog unscrews while back ... Most bicycles with horizontal dropouts can be tensioned by moving the wheel forward or backward in the dropouts ...
Bicycle And Motorcycle Dynamics - Longitudinal Dynamics - Stability
... For example, the normal (vertical) ground reaction forces at the wheels for a bike with a wheelbase and a center of mass at height and at a distance in front of ... The frictional (horizontal) forces are simply for the rear wheel and for the front wheel, where is the coefficient of friction, is the total mass of the bike and rider, and is the acceleration of gravity ... occurs if the center of mass is anywhere above or in front of a line extending back from the front wheel contact patch and inclined at the angle above the ...

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    Everything goes, everything comes back; eternally rolls the wheel of being. Everything dies, everything blossoms again; eternally runs the year of being. Everything breaks, everything is joined anew; eternally the same house of being is built. Everything parts, everything greets every other thing again; eternally the ring of being remains faithful to itself. In every Now, being begins; round every Here rolls the sphere There. The center is everywhere. Bent is the path of eternity.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    In communist society, where nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity but each can become accomplished in any branch he wishes, society regulates the general production and thus makes it possible for me to do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticize after dinner, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, shepherd or critic.
    Karl Marx (1818–1883)