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Stowboard - Design
110 mm front wheels mounted on a pivoting front truck, a plastic rear foot platform with 65mm conical rear wheels mounted on a straight axle ... Folding is achieved by pressing the red release button on the rear platform then lifting the front key out of alloy platform ... into the middle platform first followed by the rear assembly being folded into the mid platform ...
... opponent's crotch, ribs, forearm, etc.-using a half-arm blow or advancing the rear foot ... a horizontal position over the left shoulder, butt leading the attacker will then step in with the rear foot and dash the butt into his opponent's face ... and parried, the butt can be effectively used by stepping in with the rear foot swinging the rifle to the left and rear, so that the butt leads and is in front of the right forearm ...
Karate Stances - Low Stances - Low Frontal Stances
... It has exactly the same height as shiko-dachi, but the rear leg is completely straight at the knee and extended back ... The front foot is placed frontal (toes facing forward), the rear foot is turned out 30 degrees, just like Moto-dachi, but never 90 degrees as seems natural to new ... The heel of the rear foot rests on the ground ...
Fort Macon State Park - History
... At the rear of this fort at the two prongs of the horseshoe were located, the walls were eighteen inches thick at the top and were loopholed for riflemen to fire their rifles through ... prongs and enclosing the fortification's rear was a two-story barracks roughly 82 feet long and 30 feet wide ... Each story contained five 13- by 16-foot rooms, three laid out for for enlisted men and two for the fort's officers ...
Alpine Snowboarding - Equipment - Stance (boot and Binding Setup)
... binding angles anywhere from -5°/+15° (rear/front) to 5°/20° and anywhere in between—whereas an average stance for an alpine snowboarder might be ... angle is set slightly higher than the rear, usually by five degrees ... can be applied to either the heel of the rear foot, and/or the toe of the front foot ...

Famous quotes containing the words foot and/or rear:

    what can I do with this memory?
    Shake the bones out of it?
    Defoliate the smile?
    Stub out the chin with cigarettes?
    Take the face of the man I love
    and squeeze my foot into it....
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    To rear a tiger is to court calamity.
    Chinese proverb.