Realism takes on various meanings, depending on the context in which the term is used and is always related to some form of reality. In philosophy, realism relates to manifestations of philosophical realism, the belief that reality exists independently of observers. Scientific realism and realism in the arts are two of a number of different senses the words take in other fields. In this broad sense realism frequently contrasts with idealism.

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Leyendas De Guatemala - Literary Analysis - Magical Realism
... close to the sphere of the literary concept of magical realism ... makes these stories a precursor, a sort of a stepping stone towards the marvelous realism of Alejo Carpentier and later the magical realism movement ... than following what we now know as magical realism ...
Realism in The Arts
... Realism in theatre denotes any movement towards greater fidelity to real life, as in Kitchen sink realism, an English cultural movement in the 1950s and 1960s that concentrated on contemporary ... visual arts the term denotes any approach that depicts what the eye can see, such as in American realism, a turn of the 20th century idea in arts, Classical Realism, an artistic movement in late 20th Century ... Literary realism particularly denotes a 19th century literary movement ...
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... Because the novel does not employ the same sort of realism for which Balzac became famous, it has been called one of "the most diffuse and least valuable of his works" ... Still, shades of Balzac's realism are found in the book, particularly in the first-hand descriptions of the Collège de Vendôme ... of tedious writing tasks and the painful application of the strap Further signs of Balzac's realism appear when Lambert describes his ability to vicariously ...
Contemporary Realism
... Contemporary realism is a term used in its narrowest sense to denote an North American style of painting which came into existence c ... Today the term Contemporary Realism encompasses all post-1970 sculptors and painters whose discipline is representational art, where the object is to portray the "real" and not the "ideal" ... the older Greek movement of Classical Realism ...

Famous quotes containing the word realism:

    Placing the extraordinary at the center of the ordinary, as realism does, is a great comfort to us stay-at-homes.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)

    Art is beauty, and every exposition of art, whether it be music, painting, or the drama, should be subservient to that one great end. As long as nature is a means to the attainment of beauty, so-called realism is necessary and permissable [sic], but it must be realism enhanced by idealism and uplifted by the spirit of an inner life or purpose.
    Julia Marlowe (1866–1950)