Real Time

  • (noun): The actual time that it takes a process to occur.
    Example: "Information is updated in real time"
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Technics And Time, 1 - Part II: The Fault of Epimetheus - Already There - No Future
... there is no longer any différance, that in the world of "real time" there can be no future? To answer this question affirmatively would not simply be to say ... In The Concept of Time Heidegger argues that a clock can show us the now, but that no clock ever shows the past or the future ... Does not the clock constitute the possibility of being-futural? Does the time without time of no future translate the error of technics, or rather the techno-logical fate of Dasein itself? When ...
Strategy Video Game - Sub-genres - Turn-based Strategy
... (TBS) is usually reserved for certain computer strategy games, to distinguish them from real-time computer strategy games ... With (a), ranked, the players take their turns in the same order every time ... personal computer game market trend has lately inclined more towards real-time games ...
Continuous Auditing - Continuous Reporting
... release of financial and non-financial information on a real-time or near real-time basis ... how a company is doing at a given point in time ... They argue that near real-time information would provide them with the ability to take advantage of important business moves as they happen ...
Chronology Of Real-time Tactics Video Games
... This is a comprehensive index of commercial real-time tactics games for all platforms, sorted chronologically ... See also Chronology of real-time strategy video games See also List of strategy video games ...
SGI Origin 2000 - Hardware Description - I/O Subsystem
... Fast 20 UltraSCSI single-ended port 1 external wide UltraSCSI, singled ended port 1 real-time interrupt output for frame sync 1 real-time interrupt input (edge ...

More definitions of "real time":

  • (noun): (computer science) the time it takes for a process under computer control to occur.

Famous quotes containing the words time and/or real:

    A moment in time but time was made through that moment: for without the meaning there is no time, and that moment of time gave the meaning.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)

    If love ... means that one person absorbs the other, then no real relationship exists any more. Love evaporates; there is nothing left to love. The integrity of self is gone.
    Ann Oakley (b. 1944)