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List Of Towns In Texas - Williamson County
... Town Austin (northern reaches) Bartlett Cedar Park Florence Granger Georgetown Hutto Jarrell Leander Liberty Hill Round Rock (northern reaches) Taylor ...
Chronicle Of Pseudo-Dionysius Of Tell-Mahre
... The first part reaches to the epoch of Constantine the Great, and is in the main an epitome of the Eusebian Chronicle ... The second part reaches to Theodosius II and follows closely the Ecclesiastical History of Socrates of Constantinople while the third, extending to Justin II, reproduces the second part of the History of John of ... a compilation but the original work of the author and reaches to the year 774-775, apparently the date when he was writing ...
Copeland Creek - History
... swiftly an overgrazing situation arose not only in the lower reaches, but as high as the present Fairfield Osborn Preserve, which extends to elevation 1,700 feet (520 m) ... The upper reaches of the creek were effectively restored, following the purchase of the present lands of the Fairfield Osborn Preserve by William Matson Roth ... The lower reaches were heavily disturbed as late as the 1990s, when a restoration of the reach between Roberts Road and Petaluma Hill Road was started ...
Seohocheon - Gallery
... Looking upstream along the upper reaches Looking downstream along the upper reaches Looking upstream towards the upper reaches Looking upstream from Yuljeon-dong By factories in northern Suwon In ...
... of the rivers are The Yarlung Tsangpo – in its lower reaches it is known as the Brahmaputra River The Matsang Tsangpo – in its lower reaches it is known as the Sun Kosi The Rongshar Tsangpo – in its lower ...

Famous quotes containing the word reaches:

    One never reaches home, but wherever friendly paths intersect the whole world looks like home for a time.
    Hermann Hesse (1877–1962)

    All the old supports going, gone, this man reaches out a hand to steady himself on a ledge of rough brick that is warm in the sun: his hand feeds him messages of solidity, but his mind messages of destruction, for this breathing substance, made of earth, will be a dance of atoms, he knows it, his intelligence tells him so: there will soon be war, he is in the middle of war, where he stands will be a waste, mounds of rubble, and this solid earthy substance will be a film of dust on ruins.
    Doris Lessing (b. 1919)

    Colonel, never go out to meet trouble. If you will just sit still, nine cases out of ten someone will intercept it before it reaches you.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)