Rascia (Serbian: Рашка; Raška) was a medieval region that served as the principal province of the Serbian realm. It was an administrative division under the direct rule of the monarch and sometimes as an appanage. The term has been used to refer to various Serbian states throughout the Middle Ages. It was the crownland, seat or appanage of the following states:

  • Serbian Principality (768-960), crownland; seat of state and religious see (Eparchy of Raška and Prizren)
  • Catepanate of Serbia and Theme of Sirmium (960-1043), Byzantine province
  • Grand Principality of Duklja (1043-1101), crownland; appanage
  • Serbian Grand Principality (1101-1217), crownland
  • Serbian Kingdom (1217-1345), crownland
  • Serbian Empire (1345-1371), crownland
  • Serbian Despotate, crownland

In the Early Middle Ages, it had parts of present-day southern Serbia (with Kosovo), northern Montenegro, eastern Herzegovina. It has given its name to the Raška municipality and town and Raška District.

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