Ramblers - Structure


There are 485 Ramblers' groups in about 50 areas, and around 350 other affiliated bodies, such as societies especially interested in walking and pedestrianism, for example the Footpath Society.

Each of the Ramblers groups is structured into areas. Each group sends representatives to an area committee. Once a year a general council is held, whereby representatives from each area meet to discuss the priorities of the Ramblers for the forthcoming year. The trustees that are legally responsible for the Ramblers are also elected during this.

A criticism of Ramblers groups is that they traditionally attract retired heterosexual middle-class people on walks and not people of other age groups or people from ethnic minorities. However, there is a concerted effort to change this legacy with the growing numbers of Ramblers groups being formed specifically for people in their 20s and 30s. The largest one being the Metropolitan Walkers based in London. Increased emphasis towards urban pedestrian walking is hoped to also attract those from ethnic and other minority and underprivileged groups. Whilst the Ramblers have attracted new members from younger age groups, there is still a lack of ethnic diversity within its membership when viewed as a percentage of overall Ramblers membership.

In order to broaden the Ramblers appeal and membership demographic, a recent initiative to be implemented has been the Gay City Strollers, a collaboration between the Ramblers and the Lesbian and Gay Foundation Manchester. The project is an urban walking programme targeted at the city's gay and lesbian community.

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