Raj Ahten

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Magic (Runelords) - Characters - Minor Characters
... Feykaald - An advisor of Raj Ahten's ... Jureem - An advisor of Raj Ahten's, devoted to serving ... Saffira - Raj Ahten's favored consort in his harem, gifted with an endowment of glamour for each time Raj Ahten had lain with her, making her devastatingly beautiful ...
The Sum Of All Men - Plot Summary
... are put on hold, however, when he receives word that Raj Ahten, the most powerful Runelord since Daylan Hammer, is leading his army north into Heredon and has nearly reached ... Gaborn travels as fast as possible to the castle, he still arrives just moments before Raj Ahten and his forces ... Raj Ahten, meanwhile, takes the entire walled city with only a single arrow being fired King Sylvarresta's men eagerly swing open the gates for him, his numerous endowments of glamour and voice ...

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