Rainbow Family

The Rainbow Family of Living Light (commonly shortened to the Rainbow Family) is a loosely affiliated group of individuals committed to principles of non-violence and egalitarianism. They put on events known as Rainbow Gatherings.

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Waveland, Mississippi - Hurricane Katrina - Recovery
... the lives of local residents, called the "Rainbow Family", arrived in Waveland soon after Hurricane Katrina ... This was the first experience of the counter-culture Rainbow Family in running a disaster relief center ... The Bastrop Christian Outreach Center also volunteered with the Rainbow Family ...
Jim Jones - Building The Temple - Jones' "Rainbow Family"
... children of at least partial non-Caucasian ancestry he referred to the clan as his "rainbow family," and stated "Integration is a more personal thing with me now ... It's a question of my son's future." Jones portrayed the Temple overall as a "rainbow family." ...
Rainbow Gathering - Difficulties and Criticisms - Relations With Law Enforcement
... Forest Service systematically harasses people who attend Rainbow Family gatherings on public lands ... however, this is in violation of the well-established Rainbow principle that "no individual may officially represent the Family as a whole." A number of court cases have resulted from both Forest Service ... A notable account of Gathering relations with law enforcement, Judge Dave and the Rainbow People, was written by U.S ...
Rainbow Family - Controversy
... The environmental impact of the Rainbow Family is often significant easily overwhelming the meager resources available at most National Forest campgrounds ... Members of the Rainbow Family have previously used nearby medical facilities and have left significant bills unpaid, as well as costing local animal control ... Though the Rainbow Family removes its trash after a gathering, the Forest Service has criticized their cleanup efforts as being only "cosmetic" and "not rehabilitation by any stretch ...
Shanti Sena
... such as the World Peace Brigade, Nonviolent Peaceforce, Swaraj Peeth and the Rainbow Family of Living Light ... The Rainbow Family of Living Light and The Rainbow Gatherings were introduced to the Shanti Sena concept by Portland, Oregon, peace activist Glen Swift who ... about 50,000 people and was one of several places where the Rainbow Family first came together - before the first Rainbow Gathering in 1972 ...

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    She saw in the rainbow the earth’s new architecture, the old, brittle corruption of houses and factories swept away, the world built up in a living fabric of Truth, fitting to the over-arching heaven.
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