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Zerstörergeschwader 26 - Battle of Britain 1940
... The defending RAF fighters were drawn up to protect the merchantmen and the ZG 26 crews claimed 12 Spitfires and Hurricanes (although RAF losses were 1 shot down,1 crash-land ... On 11 August convoy 'Booty' was the target for fighter-bomber unit Erpr.Gr.210, with escort provided by I./ZG 26 ... ZG 26 took heavy losses from the RAF fighters, and 9 Bf-110’s were shot down, including those of I.Gruppe Adjutant, Oblt ...
Battle Of Britain Day - Mid-afternoon Attack: 13:45 To 15:45 - Main Battle
... KG 26 would bear the brunt of the next attack from 63 fighters from Nos 17, 46, 249, 257, 504 and 603 Squadrons ... attacks, they drew in the Bf 109 escorts and free-hunting German fighters making it easier for other RAF fighters to reach the bombers ... Its density had made it difficult for RAF fighter controllers to direct their squadrons with accuracy ...
RAF Fighter Command - Second World War - 1942-1945
... run' nuisance raids all along the South Coast, though Fighter Command's new Hawker Typhoon units proved capable of catching these fighter-bomber ... The Luftwaffe and RAF clashed in the skies over the French city ... Although the RAF succeeded in preventing the Luftwaffe from interfering with the shipping, which was its primary aim, its perceived success was ...

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