Radio Guangdong

Radio Guangdong (simplified Chinese: 广东电台; traditional Chinese: 廣東電台; pinyin: Guăngdōng Diàntái) is a public broadcasting organization in Guangdong. Radio Guagndong has 9 branch radio channels and 2 newspapers in Guangdong. Headed by Leader Bai Ling (白玲).

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... Music FM Radio Guangdong (Chinese 广东电台音乐之声 literally "Radio of Guangdong, Sound of Music"), which has an English moniker "Music FM", is a music radio station ... It is part of the Radio Guangdong network ...
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... Guangzhou has two local radio stations the provincial Radio Guangdong and the municipal Radio Guangzhou ... The primary language of both radio stations is Cantonese ... Traditionally only one channel of Radio Guangdong is dedicated to Mandarin (Putonghua), however in recent years there has been an increase in Mandarin programmes in most Cantonese channels ...
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... Sheng Bao (声报, lit ... voice paper, former 广东广播报, lit ...

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