Rachel (Hebrew: רָחֵל, Rakhél Rāḥēl Raḥel ; meaning "ewe") as described in the Bible, is the favorite wife of Jacob, one of the three Biblical Patriarchs, and mother of Joseph and Benjamin. She was the daughter of Laban and the younger sister of Leah, Jacob's first wife. Jacob was her first cousin, and she was the youngest niece of Rebekah.

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Rachel - Additional References in The Bible
... In Jeremiah 3115, the prophet speaks of 'Rachel weeping for her children' (KJV) ... This is interpreted in Judaism as Rachel crying for an end to her descendants' sufferings and exiles following the destruction by the Babylonians of the First Temple in ancient Jerusalem ... According to the Midrash, Rachel spoke before God "If I, a mere mortal, was prepared not to humiliate my sister and was willing to take a rival into my home, how could You, the eternal ...
John Mc Eneny - Background and Early Career
... to his wife, Barbara Leonard, and is widowed they have four children, John, Rachel, Daniel and Maeve and a granddaughter, Madeline Maeve ... McEneny's daughter Rachel married John Spencer, Jr ... Rachel was the Communications Director for Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand from 2006 through her appointment to the United States Senate in January 2009 ...
Rachel And Stephen Kaplan - Bibliography
... Kaplan, Rachel Stephen Kaplan, Robert L ... ISBN 1-55963-594-0 Kaplan, Rachel (1993) ... doi10.1016/0169-2046(93)90016-7 Kaplan, Rachel Stephen Kaplan (1989) ...
Dom Moran - Rachel Armstrong
... Rachel Armstrong, played by Amy Mathews debuted on-screen during the episode airing on 16 January 2006 ... The serial's official website describe Rachel stating "She has great instincts for people and has a sharp mind she’s fiercely independent and has great strength of character." Of ... received the Logie for "New Female Talent" for her portrayal of Rachel ...
Rachel Cohen-Kagan
... Rachel Cohen-Kagan (Hebrew רחל כהן-כגן‎ Rachel Lubersky 19 February 1888 – 15 October 1982) was a Zionist activist and Israeli politician, and one of only two women to sign ...

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    Every town has an Elm Street.
    Michael Deluca, U.S. screenwriter, and Rachel Talalay. Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund)

    If anyone should want to know my name, I am called Leah. And I spend all my time weaving garlands of flowers with my fair hands, to please me when I stand before the mirror; my sister Rachel sits all the day long before her own, and never moves away. She loves to contemplate her lovely eyes; I love to use my hands to adorn myself: her joy is in reflection, mine in act.
    Dante Alighieri (1265–1321)