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Metzora (parsha) - In Classical Rabbinic Interpretation - Leviticus Chapter 15
... Rabbi Judah taught that the discharge would not render him unclean if he had watched animals having intercourse or even if he merely saw a woman's dyed garments ... Rabbi Akiba taught that the discharge would not render him unclean even if he had eaten any kind of food, good or bad, or had drunk any kind of liquid ... The Sages exclaimed to Rabbi Akiba that according to his view, no more men would ever be rendered unclean by genital discharge ...
Ki Teitzei - In Classical Rabbinic Interpretation - Deuteronomy Chapter 21 - Deuteronomy 21:10–14 — The Beautiful Captive
... The Rabbis taught in a Baraita that taking a beautiful captive according to the strictures of Deuteronomy 2110–14 was better than taking beautiful captives ... The Rabbis interpreted the words “and you see among the captives” in Deuteronomy 2111 to mean that the provisions applied only if the soldier set his eye upon the woman when ... Rabbi Eliezer interpreted the words “and she shall shave her head and do her nails” in Deuteronomy 2112 to mean that she was to cut her nails, but Rabbi Akiba interpreted the words to mean ...

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    Calling a taxi in Texas is like calling a rabbi in Iraq.
    Fran Lebowitz (b. 1950)