Quadruple may refer to:

  • 4-Tuple, a mathematical structure consisting of a sequence of four elements
  • Quadruple, a term for winning four association trophies
  • Quad (figure skating), a figure skating jump
  • Home run in baseball
  • Quadruple-precision floating-point format in computing
  • Quadruple Alliance (disambiguation), the name of a number of military alliances
  • A multiple birth with four offspring

Other articles related to "quadruple":

Timothy Goebel
... He was the first person to land a quadruple salchow in competition and the first person to land three quadruple jumps in one program ... He landed 76 career quadruple jumps before his retirement in 2006 ...
Greubel Forsey - Quadruple Tourbillon
... The Quadruple Tourbillon uses two double-tourbillons - four tourbillon cages in total - working independently to average out and minimize gravitationally induced errors on the ... The Quadruple Tourbillon Secret, presented in 2012, houses a modified Quadruple Tourbillon ‘hidden’ under a full dial ...
Traditional Cambodian Musical Instruments - Wind - Oboes
... Sralai (ស្រឡៃ) - quadruple-reed oboe Sralai toch (ស្រឡៃតូច) - small quadruple-reed oboe Sralai thom (ស្រឡៃធំ) - large quadruple-reed oboe ...
List Of First-class Cricket Quadruple Centuries
... A quadruple century (an individual score of 400 runs or more) has been scored ten times in first-class cricket by eight different players ... MacLaren's score remained the only quadruple century for over 25 years, until Bill Ponsford accumulated 429 runs in just his third first-class match ... Ponsford improved on his own total four years later, reaching 437 runs both of his quadruple centuries being scored at the Melbourne Cricket Ground ...