Pythagorean means of or pertaining to the ancient Ionian mathematician, philosopher, and music theorist Pythagoras. See:

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Cleinias Of Tarentum
... Cleinias (Greek Κλεινίας 4th-century BCE) of Tarentum was a Pythagorean philosopher, and a contemporary and friend of Plato, as appears from the story (perhap ... In his practice, Cleinias was a true Pythagorean ... who knew nothing of him except that he was a Pythagorean, took on himself the risk of a voyage to Cyrene, and supplied him with money to the full extent of his loss ...
Pythagorean Interval - Interval Table - 12-tone Pythagorean Scale
12-tone scale (such as a piano) tuned with D-based symmetric Pythagorean tuning ... Further details about this table can be found in Size of Pythagorean intervals ...
Examples of Ternary Trees
... Ternary search tree Ternary heap An infinite ternary tree containing all primitive Pythagorean triples is described in Tree of primitive Pythagorean triples and ...
Androcydes (Pythagorean)
... Androcydes (also transliterated as Androkydes) was a Pythagorean whose work On Pythagorean Symbols survives only in scattered fragments ... mentioned in other works indicates that he was a major source for the later Pythagorean tradition, and he is also of interest in studying the historical development of the literary and philosophical symbol ...

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    Come now, let us go and be dumb. Let us sit with our hands on our mouths, a long, austere, Pythagorean lustrum. Let us live in corners, and do chores, and suffer, and weep, and drudge, with eyes and hearts that love the Lord. Silence, seclusion, austerity, may pierce deep into the grandeur and secret of our being, and so diving, bring up out of secular darkness, the sublimities of the moral constitution.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)