A pyrophone, also known as a "fire/explosion organ" or "fire/explosion calliope" is a musical instrument in which notes are sounded by explosions, or similar forms of rapid combustion, rapid heating, or the like.

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Calliope (music) - Related Instruments - Pyrophone
... The calliope is similar to the pyrophone ... difference between the two is that the calliope is an external combustion instrument and the pyrophone is an internal combustion instrument ... At 1998's Burning Man, a pyrophone referred to as "Satan's Calliope" was powered by ignition of propane inside resonant cavities ...
Pyrophone Fuel Sources
... Pyrophones are usually powered by propane, but gasoline powered mobile units have been built, to connect to automobile fuel intake manifolds and use the spark plugs and wiring, etc ... Hydrogen pyrophones are often made using upside-down glass test tubes as the combustion chambers ...