Puerperal Fever

Puerperal fever or childbed fever, is a bacterial infection contracted by women during childbirth or miscarriage. It can develop into puerperal sepsis, which is a serious form of septicaemia. If untreated, it is often fatal.

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Carl Braun (obstetrician) - Views On Puerperal Fever
... Braun was convinced that puerperal fever was caused by miasms and "unfavourable atmospheric-cosmic-terrestrial influences" ... he was not conscientious in using the prophylactic measures necessary to prevent childbed fever, and he did not accept Semmelweis's etiological characterization of the disease ... In a textbook, Braun identified 30 causes of childbed fever only the 28th of these was cadaverous infection ...
Ignaz Semmelweis - Efforts To Reduce Childbed Fever - Conflict With Established Medical Opinions
... multitude of physical signs, which emphasized the belief that puerperal fever was not one, but many different, yet unidentified, diseases ... Semmelweis's main finding — that all instances of puerperal fever could be traced back to only one single cause lack of cleanliness — was simply unacceptable ... used mortality rates time series to document his success in virtually eliminating puerperal fever from the hospital ward ...
Puerperal Fever - Clinical Findings and Management
... Atelectasis mild to moderate fever, no changes or mild rales on chest auscultation ... Urinary tract infection high fever, malaise, costovertebral tenderness, positive urine culture ... Endometritis moderate fever, exquisite uterine tenderness, minimal abdominal findings ...
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. - Life and Career - Medical Reformer, Marriage and Family
... In 1843, Holmes published "The Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever" in the short-lived publication New England Quarterly Journal of Medicine and Surgery ... germ theory of disease—that the cause of puerperal fever, a deadly infection contracted by women during or shortly after childbirth, stems from patient to patient contact via their physicians ... In concluding his case, he insisted that a physician in whose practice even one case of puerperal fever had occurred, had a moral obligation to purify his instruments ...

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