Proto-Balto-Slavic Language

The Proto-Balto-Slavic language is not directly attested by any surviving texts but has been reconstructed using the comparative method. There are number of isoglosses that Baltic and Slavic languages share in phonology, morphology and accentology, which represent common innovation from Proto-Indo-European times, and which can be chronologically arranged.

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Proto-Balto-Slavic Language - Balto-Slavic Apophony
... Proto-Slavic abundantly used lengthened-grade in morphology ... For example PSl ...
Balto-Slavic Languages - Proto-Balto-Slavic Language
... Proto-Balto-Slavic is a reconstructed proto-language descending from Proto-Indo-European and out of which all later Baltic and Slavic languages and dialects descended ...

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