Projector may refer to:

  • Image projector, a device that projects an image on a surface
    • Video projector, a device that projects a video signal from computer, home theater system etc.
    • Movie projector, a device that projects moving pictures from a filmstrip
    • Slide projector, a device that projects a still image with a transparent base
    • Overhead projector, a device that projects a transparent image
    • Opaque projector, a predecessor to the overhead projector
    • Planetarium projector, a device that projects images of sky objects
    • Magic lantern (projector), a historic projection device
    • Camera obscura, the historic ancestor to projection devices
    • Enlarger, a device used to produce photographic prints from negatives
  • Ceiling projector, a device used to measure the height of clouds
  • Projection (linear algebra), a linear transformation of a vector space
  • Projector (album), an album by Dark Tranquillity
  • A type of mortar (weapon)
  • A version control system used in the Macintosh Programmer's Workshop
  • As a synonym for promoter, e.g. in the phrase "railway projectors"
  • Projector (patent) is an archaic term in US patent law meaning original inventor to reduce an invention to practice.

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Digistar II - Projector
... Digistar II has a darker black-level than full-dome projectors, but, as it is only one tube, the D2 is monochromatic ... Thanks to this, and the brightness of the CRT, only one D2 projector is needed to project on the entire dome (most full-dome systems require between 1-6 raster projectors, depending on dome ... was being developed, many planetaria were sold Digistar LEA projectors ...
Large-image Projection
... A large-format slide projector (also often called "large-format projector" or "large-image projector") is a kind of slide projector for large image projection which has a very powerful light source (u ...
Laser Projector
... A laser projector is a device that projects changing laser beams on a screen for entertainment or professional use ... A laser projector can contain one laser light source for single color projection or possibly three sources for RGB (red, green, and blue) full color projection ...
Laser Projector - Typical Components - Controller (DAC)
... In the case of using a computer to control a laser projector, a Digital-to-analog converter (DAC) is needed to convert the digital control signal from the computer into analog signals that control the ... control and 3 channels are used for controlling the RGB values of an RGB projector ... In the case of a single color projector, the intensity channel is used instead of the RGB channels ...