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Embryomics - Mapping The Embryogenic Tree
... embryomics is a complete mapping the embryogenic tree Identifying each of the cell types present in the developing embryo and placing it in the tree on its proper branch ... There is an unknown number, probably thousands, of distinct cell types present in the developing embryo, including progenitor cell lines which are only temporarily present and ... Each cell type is defined by which genes are characteristically active in that cell type ...
Carcinogenesis - Mechanisms - Cell Types Involved in Cancer Growth
... There are several different cell types that are critical to tumour growth ... In particular endothelial progenitor cells are a very important cell population in tumour blood vessel growth ... The hypothesis that endothelial progenitor cells are important in tumour growth, angiogenesis and metastasis has been supported by a recent publication in Cancer Research (August 2010) ...
Protective Autoimmunity - Regulation
... Although autoimmune T cells exist in all healthy individuals, a relatively small portion of the population develops autoimmune diseases ... This is due to various mechanisms that constantly regulate the activity of autoimmmune cells ... the prominent autoimmune regulatory mechanisms is a sub-population of T cells called ‘regulatory T cells’ (previously known as ‘suppressor T ...
The Process of Lymphopoiesis
... Lymphopoiesis Acronyms • B-NK Progenitor for B and NK • CB Cord blood • CFU Colony-forming Unit • CLP Common Lymphoid Progenitor • CMP Common Myeloid Progenitor • DC Dendritic Cell (Myeloid or ... Given that lymphocytes arise from specific types of limited stem cells - which we can call P (for Progenitor) cells - such cells can divide in several ways ... These are general principles of limited stem cells ...
Wnt Signaling Pathway - Wnt-induced Cell Responses - Stem Cells
... Traditionally, it is assumed that Wnt proteins can act as Stem Cell Growth Factors, promoting the maintenance and proliferation of stem cells ... proper communication, with the Wnt signaling pathway having a negative effect on stem cell function ... Thus, in the case of muscle tissue, the misdirected stem cells, instead of generating new muscle cells (myoblasts), differentiated into scar-tissue-producing cells ...

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