• (adj): Professing to be qualified.
    Example: "A professed philosopher"
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Some articles on professed:

The Abbey Of Our Lady Of Gethsemani - Today - Monastic Admission
... they are approved by a council of "fully professed" monks and spend an additional three years as a "junior professed" monk ... to take his final, solemn vows, and become a "fully professed" monk ...
Nadezhda Von Meck - Life - Personal Views
... Nadezhda von Meck was a professed atheist ... She regularly professed her hatred of it to Tchaikovsky ... With these views in mind, it is easy to see how Tchaikovsky's seeming misogyny and professed aversion to marriage could attract someone like von Meck ...
Sisters Of Life - Habits
... Novices wear a white veil, while professed Sisters wear a white veil with the blue band around the head ... All professed Sisters wear the medal of the Madonna of the Streets, while perpetually professed sisters wear a ring ...
Augustinians - The Augustinian Friars
... The Order of Saint Augustine is composed of the following a) friars, whether professed or novices, who are members of the various Circumscriptions of the ... an Order, they have a special commitment to corporate poverty as opposed to simply the poverty professed by the individual friar ... shoulder cape may be black or white (white typically being reserved among the professed friars for tropical locations, and where Dominican friars are not present, so as to ...
Raz Update Of Schein's Organizational Culture Model - Problems With Schein's Model
... what is the difference between the professed culture and the tacit assumptions ... It is hard to define when some kind of professed culture becomes a tacit assumption ... example, principle of discipline could be professed or tacit ...

More definitions of "professed":

  • (adj): Openly declared as such.
    Example: "Her professed love of everything about that country"; "McKinley was assassinated by a professed anarchist"
    Synonyms: avowed
  • (adj): Claimed with intent to deceive.
    Example: "His professed intentions"

Famous quotes containing the word professed:

    ... today we round out the first century of a professed republic,—with woman figuratively representing freedom—and yet all free, save woman.
    Phoebe W. Couzins (1845–1913)

    Then did they strive with emulation who should repeat most wise maxims importing the necessity of suspicion in the choice of our friends—such as “mistrust is the mother of security,” with many more to the same effect.... But notwithstanding the esteem which they professed for suspicion, yet did they think proper to veil it under the name of caution.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)