Prior Distribution

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... In Bayesian statistics, a hyperprior is a prior distribution on a hyperparameter, that is, on a parameter of a prior distribution ... the use of hyper is to distinguish it from a prior distribution of a parameter of the model for the underlying system ... They arise particularly in the use of conjugate priors ...
Doomsday Argument - Variations - Gott's Formulation: 'vague Prior' Total Population
... Gott specifically proposes the functional form for the prior distribution of the number of people who will ever be born (N) ... Gott's DA used the vague prior distribution ... where P(N) is the probability prior to discovering n, the total number of humans who have yet been born ...
Approximate Bayesian Computation - Pitfalls and Remedies - General Risks in Statistical Inference Exacerbated in ABC - Prior Distribution and Parameter Ranges
... The specification of the range and the prior distribution of parameters strongly benefits from previous knowledge about the properties of the system ... One criticism has been that in some studies the “parameter ranges and distributions are only guessed based upon the subjective opinion of the investigators”, which is connected to classical objections of ... However, theoretical results regarding objective priors are available, which may for example be based on the principle of indifference or the principle of maximum ...
Hidden Markov Model - Extensions
... themselves can either be discrete (typically generated from a categorical distribution) or continuous (typically from a Gaussian distribution) ... all hidden and observed variables follow a Gaussian distribution ... Hidden Markov models are generative models, in which the joint distribution of observations and hidden states, or equivalently both the prior distribution of hidden states (the transition probabilities) and ...
Categorical Distribution - With A Conjugate Prior
... In Bayesian statistics, the Dirichlet distribution is the conjugate prior distribution of the categorical distribution (and also the multinomial distribution) ... This means that in a model consisting of a data point having a categorical distribution with unknown parameter vector p, and (in standard Bayesian style) we choose to treat this parameter as a ... such a case, starting from what we know about the parameter prior to observing the data point, we then can update our knowledge based on the data point and end up with a new distribution of the same form as the old one ...

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